The Concept

Are you an organist who thrills at the sound of the pipe organ? Would you like to play a Silbermann instrument or one by Arp Schnitger or Aristide Cavaille-Coll or Henry Willis in their church or cathedral? Maybe you fancy playing the sounds of a genuine classic Wurlitzer theatre organ. What about playing these instruments, complete with the acoustics of their buildings, right in your own home – whenever you like?

This dream has become a reality using an AVO hand-crafted, custombuilt console together with the Hauptwerk software package. Many of us are familiar with the digital organs marketed by various companies. Whilst these instruments have some very creditable features and strive to be pipe-like in their sounds, we would still prefer the real thing or an instrument that sounds exactly like it. Hauptwerk provides the technology for doing just that – a digital instrument that sounds just like a real pipe organ in its original environment. Every pipe and sound of the instrument is recorded several times to enable an accurate reproduction of the sound. These recordings or samples are then drawn together using the Hauptwerk software, enabling the recorded instrument to be played with all the features of the real instrument, plus a few more accessories if you wish to use them. Every pipe is recorded as an individual and can be played often even with its historic blemishes!

AVO builds consoles designed to utilize this remarkable software. These consoles are 21st Century in design whilst featuring all the traditional, modern and futuristic playing aids of a good organ console. Each console is custom built with all the features that may be required by an exacting organist.

Our customers include some of the country’s finest exponents of the instrument. Many have played our consoles and heard the remarkable sounds of the virtual organ. We recently had the opportunity to build a four manual console for Dr June Nixon, Cathedral Organist Emerita at St Paul’s Cathedral Melbourne. This was customized to replicate key console features of the Cathedral’s Lewis/Harrison organ.

Our consoles are ideal for teaching and practicing the pipe organ. They provide access to the sounds of all the major historic schools of organ building. This enables the student to hear and experience the sounds and tone colours that originally inspired organists and composers through the centuries.